Our Shampoo Bars
These bars lather beautifully with no sulfates, rinse easily and cleanly, they’re portable (no spills!) and they smell wonderful. You and your pets will love these, and one 60 grams bar will outlast 3 small bottles of liquid shampoo.
Light Mint
Benefits of Shampoo Bars
The benefits of using this Shampoo bar on your pet are: It’s easier to use a bar soap than a liquid. It lathers up extremely well. Cleans your pets fur not irritating the skin. Leaves your pet with a healthy shinning coat. Eco Friendly. All natural – you can bathe him in the lake.
Why is using a Dog Shampoo Bar better than a liquid shampoo? With a liquid you squirt it on and it goes down onto the skin. This can irritate the skin causing rashes and dryness where a solid bar is rubbed on the fur staying there and not being directly in contact with the skin. Liquids often contain chemicals It take longer to rinse when using liquid soaps
All natural ingredients
With several rich natural ingredients, our coconut oil shampoo bars will add glossiness and movement back to dull, damaged fur. It is also soothing to irritated skin.
Contains no preservatives, sulfates or harsh chemicals. The perfect first step to restoring your dog’s skin to good health. Helps your pet to stay fresh and smell great too. Essential oils for light and delicate scent. Our Shampoo Bars will give your pet a Smooth and shiny Fur. Rich and soft foam.
How to use a shampoo Bar
Using shampoo bars on your dog is similar to applying it to yourself. Here are some tips you can use to properly wash your dog using our shampoo bars.
Always spot test your shampoo bar on your dog or pets. Wait 24 hours to see if there’s a negative reaction. Test the area behind your pet’s neck so that he would not be able to lick the shampoo off. Wet your pet thoroughly before apply the shampoo bar. When applying the shampoo bar, lather it on your hand first and then massage it into your pet’s wet fur. If you need more soap, swipe the bar 1-2 more times onto your pet’s fur or into your hand to add to the lather. Circular shape shampoo bars are also good for smaller sized pets. We made our bars circular so its easy to wash any size pet. It feel comfortable for a small pet when you rub our Shampoo bar against their small body. Rinse your dog THOROUGHLY. Dry your pet as usual.